Ice a white and black with some ginger with amber eyes

Affiliation: Moon pack
Past Affiliations: None
Rank: Pup
Family: Mother:Shining Star
Mentor(s): none
Apprentices: none
Status: Alive
Roleplayed By: Cloudshine


Ice was born to Shining Star and Shadow on a rainy day in the begining of green-leaf were she had ment three pups very importinant to her family in a dream. Hello Ice are you ready said a vioce, yes are you said two others then they appered from the shadows a pale Gray tabby with White paws (Echo), a brown and black tabby (Bracken), and a brownish gray mix (Moon) from the look of it they were pups who had died. What are you names said the Strong she-wolf. This is Echo, Bracken, and I'm Moon. Bracken is your cousen and me and Moon are your aunts. Then Moon began the prophecy words. There will be three kin of your kin with ancient wind in there fur who hold the power of the stars in there paws then the disappered into mist. A few moments later she woke up breathing heavly Mammy wake up I had a bad dream. What was it about as Shining star woke up and was standing up come on lets go to the pond and talk she said. Now they where at the pond. All right what happened in your dream she said. Well um oh yeah I was in a stary place and there was three pups and there was a full moon and it was like right behind the pups. Ok what did the three pups look like and there names she said. Um there names where um Moon and that is all I remember. Ok um moon moon why does that ring a bell to me wait come with me she said. Now they were with Gray. Ok so what do you want Shining star and Ice. Does Moon ring but Gray cut her off by saying Moon is your brother Shining star and she would be Ice's uncle. Who else was in your dream Ice. Um the two others were um Bracken and Echo. Then Shining star began to cry and said Ice Moon was your aunt and Bracken was your cousen too then Gray said that when Shining star had lost Moon it was even wrost then losting her Sisters and Cousen. I didn't know Mamma I'm sorry you propbly don't want me to be your pup anymore. Then she started to run away. Shining Star cased me and caught me i want you i can't loe you i love u. Ok i beleve you mommy come on honey lets go home Shining star sayed lets go home to the nursery when we got there Shining star curreled aroung me and we went to sleep. I had a chicken i caught from a twoleg place. I left for battle while White wached the pups. Shining Star came out with Moon Pack on a misty night.and saw we had more wolves than River Pack.