The Immortal Pack are wolves that have died and are the ancestors of the wolves in the other four packs. It is the pack that relates to Christian Heaven. Wolves that have died do their roleplaying in the Immortal Pack. If you have died or want to RP a previously dead wolf, then feel free to join the Immortal pack!

Strengths: Being inderect, helping other wolves with their problems/dilemmas

Weaknesses: Being attacked by the evil wolves that have died.



~Stick is a light brown brute with green eyes roleplayed by Fiercestar

~Dawn is a light gray brute with white tail tip, ears and yellow eyes, roleplayed by Fiercestar

~Thorn is a small, skinny, pale brown tabby brute pup with black pays and blue eyes, roleplayed by Ivyleaf



Hunting Territory


Wolves that are in the Immortal Pack are allowed to visit the other packs

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