River Pack


Mother: Sunrise

Father: Tooth

Sister: Leap

Mate: Strike

Pups: Maple, Thunder, Darkness


Lilly is a kind wolf, but likes to keep to herself. Loving, and she thinks loyalty matters above almost all else.


Before Strike became Lilly's mate, the two River Pack wolves were friends, but Lilly had never expected that Strike loved her. Then, one day, they went out hunting together(bringing down a young deer and two plump rabbits) and Strike showed her to a mossy hollow near the shore of the thundering river. There, catching Lilly off-guard, he asked her to...well...mate with him, telling her how much beyond simple friendship he liked her. Lilly had been unsure at first but, trying not to show it, she lied that she had loved him all along, too. She became pregnant with Strike's pups a moon later, and gave birth to three puppies, two males and one female in the same little hollow that she and Strike had first made love in. She named Thunder after the sound of the rushing river beside the male pup's birthplace, Darkness after his smoky fur, which he probably got from his grandfather, Tooth, and Maple after the sturdy tree because, to both of the parents' surprise, the female of the litter, Maple, was the biggest and strongest of the litter. All the River Pack wolves were both surprised and delighted when Strike and Lilly came back to camp with their three newborn pups, and Lilly moved into the Pup-Sitter's den, to suckle her pups and watch them grow. They are currently three of the youngest pups in the River Pack Pup-Sitter's den, but they are healthy and strong, and growing quickly.

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