Affiliation: Gray Pack
Past Affiliations: Lone wolf
Rank: Pup-Sitter
Family: Mate: Ember

Duaghters: Seashell, Oceanmist, Stardust

Mother: Violet

Father: Gorse

Half-sister: Autummist

Foster-mother: Amberlily

Mentor(s): Bracken
Apprentices: None Yet
Status: Alive
Roleplayed By: *Leafpool*

Starmist is a beautiful dark and light gray she-wolf with a black tail tip, black rings around her eyes one darker than the other, a tabby striped tail, and warming, dusty blue eyes.


Starmist was born to Violet and Gorse but then known as Star. Hello, hello, hi whats your name said a tortoiseshell unfamiler to Star. I'm Autum your sister she said. No you are her half-sister said her mother Violet. Um ok than, can I go outside mama but Star was cut off by her father, No you can't until you open your eyes he said but he said it madly. Now Star started to cry. Mommy make him stop yelling at me she said. Gorse stop it she howled at him. Then a half-month later, You need to came with me now said a vioce. Who goes there said Gorse. Its Tallulah she said even though they had never ment in a life-time. Ok then said Violet.

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