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Project Members
Alpha: Tawny
Beta: Wolfpackalpha
Mid-Ranking Wolves: Fiercestar_RiverClan, Rainear
Apprentices: Mossy, Blackclaw, Foggy
Omega(s) (Inactive Members): None
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Welcome to Project Character Art!Edit

Here are the blanks that are supposed to be used and are usable for all positions


Mid Ranking Wolf Mid-rankingmale

Pup Wolfpupmale


Mid Ranking Wolf Mid-rankingfemale

Pup Wolfpupfemale


Tawny's Tutorial

Here's where you reserve your CharartsEdit

Username Character 1 Date Added 1 Character 2 Date Added 2 Character 3 Date Added 3
Tawny Tallulah Sept 19 None N/A None N/A
Alpha None N/A None N/A None N/A
Fiercestar Lightning Sept 14 Tawny Sept 21 None N/A
Mossy Lava

Oct 8

None N/A None N/A
Rainear Lightningstrike Sept 9 Dusk

Sept 21

Shooting Star Sept 26
Blackclaw None N/A None N/A None N/A
Foggy Griffin Sep 29 Kovi Sep 29 Spiritus Sep 29

Characters in need of an imageEdit

Night - Alpha Female of Solar Pack

Ash - Alpha Male of Solar Pack (omg Night and Ash are mates!! O.o)

Lightning - Beta Male of Moon Pack (Reserved by Fiercestar)

Cloud - Alpha Female of Moon Pack

Dawn - Member of Immortal Pack

Dusk - Mid-Ranking wolf of the River Pack

Shooting Star - Pup Sitter of River Pack

Fox - Pup of River Pack

Stone - Mid-Ranking wolf of the River Pack

Thorn - Member of the Immortal Pack

Tawny - Pup of the River Pack

Ash - Pup of River Pack

Rose- Pup of River Pack

Tallulah - Mid Ranking wolf of River Pack

Petal - Mid Ranking wolf of River Pack

Lava - Mid Ranking wolf of River Pack

Gray - Mid-Ranking wolf of RIver Pack

Shadow - Mid-Ranking wolf of River Pack

Night (MP) - Apprentice of River Pack

Sky - Apprentice of RIver Pack

Snow (MP) - Apprentice of River Pack

Misty - Apprentice of River Pack

Rain - Pup of River Pack

Fire - Pup of River Pack

Ice - Pup of River Pack

Lily - Omega of River Pack

Dust - Omega of River Pack

Hail - Beta Female of Moon Pack

Holly - Beta Female of Solar Pack

Kovi - Pup of River Pack

Griffin - Beta Male of Solar Pack

Spiritus - Mid-Ranking wolf of Moon Pack

Drift - Pup of River Pack

Speckle - Pup-Sitter of River Pack

Starmist - Pup-sitter of Gray Pack

Ember - Mid-Ranking wolf of Gray Pack

Seashell - Pup of Gray Pack

Oceanmist - Pup of Gray Pack

Stardust - Pup of Gray Pack

Violet - Mid-Ranking wolf of Gray Pack

Gorse - Mid-Ranking wolf of Gray Pack

Autummist - Mid-Ranking wolf of Gray Pack